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SAM2 Broadcaster 2.8.1

FROM: Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC

SAM2 - Professional Internet broadcast DJ software
Our rating: 5 stars
Size: 23477 KB
SAM2 - Professional Internet broadcast DJ software. SAM is a powerful & advanced broadcast automation solution that has been undergoing continuous development now for over 4 years, specifically to fully meet the &specialized& needs of online broadcasters. SAM2 currently features MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media 9 and Ogg streaming support, dual player decks, advanced playlist rotation logic, drag&drop management, real-time listener statistics, voice over/Mic input, sound FX module, automated requests, required RIAA/DMCA Sound Performance Accounting/Reporting features, HTML web output, full 24-bit PCM output, multi server support including - Live365, Shoutcast, Icecast, Windows Media and much much more!

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