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ConvertMovie is a powerful video converter that makes your video collection extremely comfortable to use. Now you can easily convert between multiple video formats, thus making your movies compatible with iPod or other playback hardware and software, or make them suitable for uploading to the Internet.

ConvertMovie supports the following video and audio formats: input formats - AVI(DivX, XviD), VOB, DVD, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, ASF; output formats - AVI, MPEG (DVD, VCD, SVCD), MPEG4 (iPod, MP4), MOV, WMV, RM, WAV, MP3, WMA.

ConvertMovie can be used to backup a DVD collection. Select the VOB files from your DVD and convert them to the chosen format (AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, RM). You can save them directly to the iPod format (iPod video, MP4) to watch movies right on your portable device.

ConvertMovie gives you flexibility over your video files. You may want to save the soundtracks you liked or capture the best frames from your DVD or video file. ConvertMovie makes it possible. The audios can be saved as MP3, WAV or WMA files, while video frames can be stored in all popular graphic formats.

Turning back to conversion, we should mention the batch video conversion option and the opportunity to merge video files. Choose the files to combine and ConvertMovie will create one large file out of them, even if the input files had different formats (AVI, MPEG, MP4, VOB, DVD, MOV or WMV/ASF).

For faster processing you can use the Save Presets option. You can save the settings for the converted file and use them next time for similar projects.

The user-friendly interface makes the program a good pick both for beginners and professionals.

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