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iPod2PC 4.2

FROM: CasiCakes
A simple tool to copy information (songs, playlists, etc.) from iPod to iTunes.
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iPod2PC is a simple tool to transfer music files in the MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF formats, videos, podcasts, playlists from your iPod to iTunes or to your computer's hard disc. It can also restore ratings, play counts and date of the last play. The compact tool will help you in case your computer crashed, you bought a new PC or iPod, as iTunes offers no way to retrieve music stored on your iPod. iPod2PC will copy all the information from your iPod device to the new location. To prevent iTunes from deleting all not synchronized information from your iPod you need to disable 'Automatically update all songs and playlists' feature in iTunes.

The tool works in two modes: automatic and manual. In the Automatic Mode, the tool will search which files are not in your iTunes library and will copy them to your iTunes library folder automatically. Then all the songs will be imported to iTunes, and playlists will be also updated. In the manual mode, you can select which information you want to copy to your iTunes or back up to the hard disk. You can use here 'Check missing songs' feature, which will automatically search and select all missing songs. iPod2PC offers a very fast searching and browse mode, which makes finding songs on the iPod easy. The list of songs can be sorted by song name, artist, album, and other properties. You can click on any song in the song list to invoke the special context menu, which enables you to check/uncheck all or specific groups of songs for copying. You can also browse through a genre, artist, albums and they will be automatically shown in the list. Simply check the boxes next to the songs you want to copy.

iPod2PC allows creating folders with information from the ID3 tags in your target folder, so that the songs on the hard disk are sorted into these folders. Also filenames could be generated from information in the ID3 tags.

Russian review

I needed to restore my files from my iPod after my computer crashed and this was exactly what I was looking for!
Hakon Atli
Very good program to backup ipod. MY LAPTOP was stolen and i could recover my musci from my ipod thanks to ipod2pc.
I was dreadding tranferring my ipod tunes across in time for my iPod to be repaired but this made t so simple! Truely excellent! Did exactly
what it said it would, quickly and so simply. I would totally recomend this to friends.

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iPod2PC 4.2 - A simple tool to copy information (songs, playlists, etc.) from iPod to iTunes.