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    Soft Description
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    MIDICLOCK 2.00
    FROM: Serge.Ucapps.De

    MIDICLOCK sends a realtime MIDI clock signal. BPM rate controllable by MIDI in.
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    License: Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 322 KB

    Vista Compatible DESCRIPTION:
    MIDICLOCK can be used for synchronization and controlof MIDI devices.
    The MIDI clock signal can be controlled in realtime,
    and is sent with high precision to up to 2 selectable midi ports.
    The clock signal can be started/stopped/adjusted by pressing keys or sending
    MIDI-IN patch change commands.

    MIDIClock can be used to synchronize multiple sequencers/synths.
    You can do this using MIDIYoke (get it at
    Connect MIDIClock to MIDIYoke Junction 1 output. As MIDIYoke is a multiclient
    driver, you can connect multiple sequencers/synths (such as rebirth, AN1x,...)
    to MIDIYoke Junction 1 MIDI input.

    Don't forget to push Ctrl+Alt+s if you wish to save your settings.
    It saves into clockpresets.ini.

    Basic MIDI control (program change) of tempos can be set from the GUI.
    Just send the desired patch change to the program's selected midi in.
    Adjust to the according tempo and press apply. The program change message
    is now linked to the tempo. Midi channels are numbered from 1 to 16.
    The Program numbers are numbered from 1 to 128.

    By editing the clockpresets.ini file, you can achieve even more
    advanced remote control of midiclock. Enable HexSpy to monitor the
    incoming midi messages. It will help you determine which entries
    you need to add to the ini file.

    The BPM_PRESETS section contains the tempo settings for all patch selects.
    You can add action codes to any of these entries.

    Additionally you can add special commands which translate an incoming
    midi message (such as midi control messages) into a midiclock action.
    This is done in the SPECIAL_COMMANDS section.

    See for more details...

    Free download of MIDICLOCK 2.00

    it works fine
    Review MIDICLOCK!  
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    MIDICLOCK 2.00 - MIDICLOCK sends a realtime MIDI clock signal. BPM rate controllable by MIDI in.

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