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    Create Ringtone 5.1

    FROM: Excode Software

    Takes several minutes to create MP3/iPhone ringtone and send it to your phone.
    Our rating: Editor's Choice
    Size: 2037 KB

    Create Ringtone is an easy-to use software which allows you to create unique ringtones from any of your music files in MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats or from own recorded audio files.

    To do this, just open your favorite song with Create Ringtone, choose the part of the song you want to be your ringtone, convert it and send it to your phone. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. To improve quality of the sound you can change sample and bit rate or amplify the sound. To get an idea what your new ringtone will sound like, use the preview option. Newly created ringtones are transferred to your mobile phone via WAP protocol. IrDA, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity are equally supported.

    Create Ringtone can work with image files as well. This gives you another opportunity to customize your phone, iPhone, in a unique and creative way. Copy your digital image file into the Create-Ringtone Image Converter, modify it to your liking, and then send it as Wallpaper to your mobile phone.

    Heavy mobile phone users can find Create Ringtone useful for transferring different Mobile Content Files to their phones, including Polyphonic Ringtones, Video Files, Word and Excel Documents, and any other file formats supported by their phones.

    Create a new ringtone or a wallpaper for your phone with fun. The ringtone converter tool supports most popular audio formats, including special formats for phones, so it will easily convert MP3 to M4R (iPhone ringtones), MP3 to QCP (Sprint) etc. Convert your music into a ringtone the way you like it, using exactly the part that you choose. Do not waste your money with content-providers that sell the very same ringtones and wallpapers to thousands of users; expand your creativity with Create Ringtone instead.

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    Free download of Create Ringtone 5.1

    Lost me on this one.. I load up a wav file, then try to save it. The only formats one can save in is WAV or MP3! What's the point of this? I already have it in that format!
    Bob Bamm
    The greatest software in this category i've ever seen.. the onluy thning i'd add is a wav or mp3 to mid converter..
    really good
    very good
    Very simple to use. Works fast and well. No problems.
    Jack Fate
    its the best ringtone maker source
    very easy program to use
    Excellent program because i have a sony 850i mobile and really wanted to create ringtones fast and this program makes it very easy and fast to do.
    ok it only does WAV and MP3 but most good phones these days support that format.. :-) otherwise buy a new phone ehhe jr
    junior sony 850I
    This is very nice
    Though there is not much features, it is good as a basic cutter. Easy and fast cutting :D
    very nice program easy to use
    its awesome.
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    Create Ringtone 5.1 - Takes several minutes to create MP3/iPhone ringtone and send it to your phone.

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    New ringtones for your iPhone for free! Free Ringtone Studio
    Free Ringtone Studio is a completely free program that will turn your favorite songs into ringtones for your iPhone. Just add audio files and click the "Copy to the phone" button. New ringtones will be converted and copied to your iPhone.
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