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Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.5

FROM: Roemer Software
The easiest way to record high quality sound in real time for all types of users
Our rating: 5 starsAwarded
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Windows 7 Compatible Easy Hi-Q Recorder is an easy-to-use but capable tool for sound recording. It will not only record from microphone, streaming audio, webcasts, Internet radio, games, music from Windows Media Player, RealOne or any other media player in real time, but will also convert tapes, LP's, records and make free ringtones. The tool allows to record audio directly to a number of popular formats such as MP3, WMA 9, WAV, or OGG Vorbis. You can adjust recording quality to be above the CD quality (48 kHz stereo) or as low as 8 kHz mono. All audio is recorded directly to the disk without any temporary files.

Before starting to record with this sound recorder you will need to select a recording device and an input source, and adjust the recording volume. The tool provides a very detailed window for recording options where you can set the length of manual recordings; specify automatic file naming for your recordings to eliminate accidental overwriting of the files; activate the automatic sound detection to create a new file for each song or stop recording while there is no sound; automatically split recordings by custom or predefined file size or length to fit the recording onto a CD, DVD or other media without having to use an audio editor to split up the recordings; set scheduled recordings on specified dates.

The compact and intuitive user interface provides lots of information through indicators to make the recording process even more convenient: the recorded file size, free disc space left, a play and record sound level meter, play and record time indicators, type and quality of recording, and more. Easy Hi-Q Recorder has a built-in audio player which will play back your recordings as well as other audio.

You can use Easy Hi-Q Recorder as an audio file converter to record any type of audio or video sound file to MP3, WMA 9, OGG, or WAV in real time, regardless of the input file format.

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its a nice software

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