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    MP3 Cutter Joiner 1.17
    FROM: Audio Tools Factory

    Split MP3, WMA, OGG precisely and combine MP3, WMA, OGG without quality loss.
    Our rating: 5 stars
    Size: 2576 KB


    MP3 Cutter Joiner is a handy multi-functional audio editor. As the name suggests its main task is to cut and join parts of audio files. This small tool gives you full control over your files: the editor performs cutting of the chosen audio fragments with the option of saving the extract into a separate file and offers the possibility of combining audio files into one file. Besides, the program has some functions designed to facilitate you the job. Apart from the option of batch sound cutting, it offers the possibility to combine cutting and joining in one command. It can be better explained if we give an example. Suppose we want to cut extracts from several songs for subsequent joining. All we need is to set the start-time and the end-time for each extract and press the button "Join". The interface is easy-to-use and clear even to a novice. You can listen to your files in the built-in audio player and use handy buttons with prompting icons in the lower part of the program window to play, pause, cut, join, stop your audio file. The software supports MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG format and runs on Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003.

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    Free download of MP3 Cutter Joiner 1.17

    it awesome
    it is very good
    it's very nice and good
    this program, well, i aint quite figured out how you're meant to cut stuff up with it. what i had in mind (and bear this in mind
    for those of you out there who want to do the same thing) I had a huge wav file which i wanted to slice in to different tracks, but this
    cutter jus dont do it.
    look else where... how ever, if all you want is an mp3 converter, then yea, use this. other wise, dont.
    Its Very Good And Easy to use it i like it so much
    very good
    A wonderful very easy used program!
    this programme is so damn good!!!!!!!! But it's a little bit expensive >>>> it's so easy to use.. ok i can't explain
    no more daownload it and u'll see what i mean
    I think it's a piece of junk, really. The interface is flashy but unintuitive. It is hard to easily set the exact times where you want to cut, and how to set these times is not obvious at all. Furthermore, the tool changes to file encoding, in my case resulting in *bigger* files for each part than the file I started with. Why isn't there an option to just keep using the same quality and file type? In fact, why isn't that default in the first place?
    I want to *cut*, not transcode!
    For me, this piece of software is certainly NOT worth the money.
    its nice to make tone for mobile and to comepress the song
    this is a very useful softwatre
    crap, unable to simply cut without needing to convert whole file.
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    A handy software utility that can split and combine audio files. Cut MP3 fast and easy using a waveform without losses in quality. The program can merge several files into one large. Supports batch processing mode.
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