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    Audio Multi-Tone Generator 5.0

    FROM: Oleg Ya. Shmelyoff

    Eight-channel Multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator
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    Size: 408 KB

    Windows 7 Compatible Eight-channel multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal and noise signal generator is intended for adjusting and measuring parameters of audio equipment. Works with 16, 24 and 32 bit sound cards at sampling rate up to 384 kHz. WDM drivers support. Independent channels frequency and amplitude controls. Adjustable phase shift between channels. Up to eight oscillators per channel with separate frequency and level setting. A step of frequency setting is 0.00001 %; level - 0.001 dB; phase - 0.001 degree. The minimum coefficient of nonlinear and intermodulation distortion, precision, stability and range of frequency are limited only by quality of the used sound card. The Sweep Frequency Mode with adjustable rate in linear or logarithmic scale. Multi Oscillators Sweep Frequency Mode. Generation of noise: white, pink (1/f), Brownian (1/f^2). Mode of amplitude modulation of one channel by another. Real time signal synthesis. Recording of synthesized signals to hard disk. The demo is completely functional, but the time of sounding is limited to 15 seconds after each clicking of the "Start" button. The registration removes demonstration limitation.

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