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Dr. DivX (Three Step DivX Encoding App) 1.0.6

FROM: DivXNetworks, Inc.
Convert any video files (DVD, WMV, MPEG) to DivX in just a few simple steps!
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Dr. DivX is a video encoder program created by the developer of the popular DivX codec. With its help you can convert any video to DivX with minimum effort, just in a few simple steps. Select a video file to convert, adjust target file settings and start encoding video to DivX!

The DivX codec is one of the most popular video codecs in the world. It is supported by almost all software and hardware video players. Thus you can convert DVD to DivX to get a single file that is easier to manage than the complete DVD structure. Furthermore, the DivX file will be smaller than the complete set of the corresponding DVD files, saving your disk space.

Dr. DivX combines high-quality video with the best compression ratio possible. Need to create a DivX file of a certain size? No problem, just enter the size into the program, and Dr. DivX will adjust its parameters to create the output video file of the best quality possible for the size.

Dr. DivX supports all popular video formats as its source. Convert MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVS, WMV, DV, AVI to DivX, capture video from your capture device or from a web camera directly to DivX. This allows creating small high-quality video files that can be sent by email, posted on your web-page or blog, burned to a CD or DVD (quite a number of such videos will fit on a single disc), etc. The CDs and DVDs with DivX videos can be played by any DivX Certified hardware player.

The installation package of Dr. DivX additionally includes the DivX Player, the video player that allows playing DivX movies easily and in high quality, using various algorithms adjusted for the DivX codec.

Dr. DivX comes with the DivX Certified profiles preinstalled, which makes it possible to select a profile and convert your video to DivX without making any adjustments. This makes sure that the converted video is fully compatible with the standards.

Download Dr. DivX and start converting your videos to DivX now!


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Dr. DivX (Three Step DivX Encoding App) 1.0.6 - Convert any video files (DVD, WMV, MPEG) to DivX in just a few simple steps!