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My Music Tools is one of the most visited sites containing multimedia software. Alexa traffic rank of is 14407 (02/13/08) and judging by the diagram it continues to improve itself:

Alexa traffic rank

The more visitors come to our site the more users your programs get. Currently there are around 1000 applications at To single out your ones, we offer the following options for cooperation:

1. Guaranteed adding your application to the site's catalog.

Every day tens, or even hundreds, of programs are submitted. The big numbers are caused by spam that is rejected. If you are sure that your program fits some category and meets other our requirements, we undertake to include it into our catalog (for at least 1 year). For the best applications, we translate descriptions into other languages and write reviews for free.

Price: $100

2. Writing a review of your program. stands out against other similar sites for its concern with the visitors: we, as well as our partners, care about our customers. There are several professional writers in our team. They constantly examine software, pick out the very best programs and write reviews and tutorials that help ordinary users selecting the program that solves their problem. We offer this service on the paid basis. A link to the review will be shown on every description page of other software at least for 3 days, at least for 1 month on the main page, and it will appear on search results pages. Besides, the review will always be available in the "Articles" section.

Example of a tutorial

Link on the main page

Link on a page with another program's description

Link on a search results page (keywords based)

Price: $100

3. Placing a link to your program on the main page.

Main page is one of the most important pages. Every area here is extremely valuable. We offer to place a link to your program with a short description and a screenshot.

Price: $100/month

4. Promoting your program in its category.

Every program at belongs to some category. We offer an option to mark out your program among its competitors. First, on the pages of the selected category where programs are listed a block containing your program's icon, description, links for downloading and purchasing can be shown:

Second, on pages describing other programs a block containing a small screenshot of your program and its description can be shown:

Price: starting at $500/month

5. Promoting your program everywhere on the site.

There is a special section on the site: "Recommended downloads". It contains 10 applications. This block can be found virtually on every page: the main one, categories, programs. Visitors of such a page are curious to learn what product is recommended by My Music Tools. It's a sort of a quality standard. If you have a quality product, you must be in this section!

Link on the main page

Link on a category page

Link on a program's page

Price: starting at $1000/month


The above listed prices may change. The actual price depends on the current queue of advertisers, on the category and many other factors. The final price is agreed upon during a private conversation.

Links to your application lead to our site, download links are redirected by our scripts. If we are affiliates with you, you may not change your commission fee or cancel the agreement during the advertising campaign. Otherwise your program can be removed from our site.

We may reject any incoming offers or remove your program from the site during or after the advertising campaign if it violates our terms of submitting.

Payments are accepted via PayPal, v2v at Plimus, RegNow, ShareIt.

We are looking forward to a successful partnership!

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