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Audio Editor Pro is a multifunctional music editing software for PC. It can handle almost any conceivable task connected with audio editing. It allows ripping CDs, converting between the most popular audio formats, splitting and combining mp3 files, applying digital effects to your music.

Let's look closely at some of the features.

Audio Editor Pro is a visual editor; it allows displaying an audio file as a waveform image and performing various operations on it: cut, copy, delete, paste from file, mix, insert or delete noise or silence. Zoom and Selection tools make the process easier. Besides, you have more than 20 impressive sound effects and 6 filters at your disposal.

Audio Editor Pro allows creating new audio files or record voice or music with help of an input device, for example, a microphone. The program can be used as a CD Ripper. It can convert you music files from a CD directly to the popular audio formats MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG. No information about the audio files will be lost as the program supports ID3 tag and CDDB. You will be able to import the data about the ripped files from free databases (such information as Album, Artist, Title, Year, etc) and edit the info if you want.

Audio Editor Pro supports the following file formats: WAV, MPEG Audio (MP3 and MP2), WMA, Audio CD Tracks, OGG Vorbis Audio, VOX Dialogic ADPCM, RAW Audio.

You will like the neat interface of this audio editor and the program is really worth trying.

Audio Editor Pro review