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Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2015 - Professional tool to control sound quality.

Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2015
The professional software will help you in production of pro-quality audio by means of a very complex spectrum analysis engine. Clear and readable graphic design, seven modules. VST Plug-in support.


24 Channel Multi Level Meter Bridge 2013 - 24 channel Multi Level Meter

24 Channel Multi Level Meter Bridge 2013
You can monitor 8 input channels, 16 input channels or 24 input channels in realtime. Referenz Level Level America = -24 dBFS, England / Europe = -18 dBFS and Australia = -20 dBFS. Nordic n9, BBC, EBU, DIN 45406


Chromatia Tuner 3.6 - Chromatic Multi-Temperament Instrument Tuner

Chromatia Tuner 3.6
Chromatia tuner allows you to use your computer as an advanced instrument tuner with short response time, a large tuning range, and hight precision; it supports more than 30 different scales and temperaments, historic as well as modern.


Graphic Equalizer Studio 2005 2006 - Programmable 31 band Graphic Equalizer Studio

Graphic Equalizer Studio 2005 2006
* Neu in this version * Correlations Meter * RMS Level Meter and Peak Level for the Input and Output * integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer * 1/3 Octave displaying for the frequency bands


Spectrum Ananlyzer pro lab 4.3 - State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer

Spectrum Ananlyzer pro lab 4.3
This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit.


Sample Champion 3.8 - Real-time acoustic measurements

Sample Champion 3.8
Powerful real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements. Impulse Response of a room measurement, loudspeaker Frequency Response analysis. Designed for acoustical technicians, sound engineers, scientists and students.


enable Guitar Tuner 4.0 - High precision instrument tuning.

enable Guitar Tuner 4.0
enable Guitar Tuner is a powerful instrument tuner which provides precision tuning with a range of preset instrument tunings, styles and transpositions.


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The best music player! Neat library functions ^^

ImTOO 3GP Video Converter
It is Superb!!

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