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Voice Changer Software promises us real magic. It can be a wonderful creative tool as well as a tool for playing tricks. We all know that every person has an individual voice, but with Voice Changer Software you have dozens of voices to choose from.

It does not matter for the program whether you are a man or a woman, you can speak equally well in voice of either sex. The program can be used in PC chats and phones to disguise your personality. You can adjust the settings to sound more seductive or vise versa. The software is compatible with many popular voice chat clients Yahoo Messenger (YIM), AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN, PalTalk, Odigo, Netmeeting and Roger Wilco; and PC2Phone programs: Net2Phone, Dialpad, Go2Call, DeltaThree, MaxPhone. Professionals will appreciate the program, too. It can be applied by sound technician on radio stations or in film studios. Voice Changer Software includes a number of useful tools. Voice Comparator helps to generate a naturally sounding voice. Such advanced algorithms as Frequency Morpher, Voice Equalizer, Root Formant Mover, Robot Voice, Limiter, and Noise Reduction give you more room for creativity.

The numerous "nickvoices" and celebrity voices offer ready solutions.

Voice Changer Software can record voice from an input device (i.e. a microphone) or a PC phone conversation, voice messages, streaming music, internet broadcast.

The software has a built-in mp3 player supporting mp3, wma, wav, ogg, au, ape, nist, aif, irc, mp2.

Voice Changer Software is compatible such media players as Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealOne Player, Music Match, Music Jukebox, PowerDVD, WinDVD, Zoom Player, BlazeDVD, Hero DVD Player.

The program is a good pick for both - home users that love having fun and professionals who can use for practical purposes.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond review