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Acoustica Beatcraft is a full-featured drum machine software that combines quality and power of professional drum sounds with easiness in use. It will allow you to forget your drum set, just install it and start to explore your own creativity. High quality drum sounds library, easy loop generation, sequencer tools, 32-bit sound engine - all of this comes within clean and user friendly interface. You can choose between built-in beat patterns to establish parties for hip hop, rock, rap, jazz, and other music styles. It is also possible to create your own beat. If you find that the drum library is not enough, just use drums saved inside any WAV, WMA, MP3, or OGG Vorbis file. Sounds and patterns are easy to manipulate because of Drag&Drop support. The program offers a number of track-level and global effects, like reverb, delay, flanger, distortion etc., and powerful advanced features, including high-pass and low-pass resonant filter on every step, triplets, reverse, rate change, audio choke etc. You can set unlimited drum and sequencer tracks. The output can be written to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG Vorbis file.

Need an easy way to compose professional beat for your music? Try Acoustica Beatcraft.

Beatcraft drum machine review