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Enjoy karaoke for free with KaraFun karaoke player! This efficient software includes everything an amateur singer needs. It's a player and an editor in one. The software plays both audio and MIDI files supporting such formats as KFN, CDG, KAR, KOK, LRC, MP3, OGG, MID. You can set Information Page to display before starting the karaoke. It will show all the song's data as well as the difficulty level for a man's and a woman's voice. The software allows recording voice, manipulating Tempo and Pitch, reducing the level of vocal range for MP3 files, setting the volume of the microphone and the guide, melody or vocal. The option "Automatic Guide Cancel" can be quite useful. If you activate it, the vocal guide will assist you with the tune until you start to sing into the microphone yourself, when you stop - the guide comes back.

KaraFun is based on a powerful 3D animation engine. Using the built-in editor you can create animated MP3 karaoke (KFN) and karaoke presets for KAR, KOK, LRC and CDG files. KFN is a format used by KaraFun to create a single multimedia file containing all relevant data - starting from the artist's name, difficulty level, singer's images, etc to additional tracks for guiding (instrumental guide and voice guide) and an optional training mode. The web-site of the developers offers a detailed tutorial describing step-by-step how to create and edit files.

KaraFun player/editor is free for home users and will bring a lot of joy to you and your friends.

KaraFun review