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Notation Musician creates nice and accurate sheet music from MIDI files that can be easily found on the Internet. The program is capable of showing notes that it's playing, which is invaluable for learning music notation. It can split piano tracks into staves for left and right hands. It is possible to adjust volume separately for every instrument, so you can listen to the parts that are most interesting for you. Adjustable tempo makes it easier to learn difficult parts. You can also transpose sheet music to match your instrument's key. Yet another great function is ability to make a piano reduction of some complex piece with just a single command.

Notation Musician allows you to add and edit lyrics to produce parts for singing. The program analyses music and displays chord names, such as Am, F7 etc. It also gives you an opportunity to set practice loops, or even to turn 'pages' automatically. It is patient and untiring accompanist that can spend hours playing the same piece, while you polish up your skill.

This program can be a perfect teacher for everybody who plays some musical instrument and wants to improve, or just a helper and producer of inexpensive sheet music for professional musicians.

Notation Musician review