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How do I create and print sheet music?


In our age of information and digitalization, sheet music remains significant means to store and reproduce musical pieces - both simple and complex. Although it requires the special kind of literacy - the ability to read musical notation, - sheet music is quite popular among professionals and amateurs. The reason behind this is simple: the music notation offers an easy way to read music without actually hearing it, it shows every single detail that could be hard to distinguish while hearing. For novices, that makes the learning much easier and quicker. For professionals, it's a powerful helper and guide.

We will discuss a sheet music editor that can do virtually everything: open and edit MIDI files, save scores into PDF, BMP, or some other graphic formats, perform 'spell checking', transpose notes and whole tracks, record input from a MIDI keyboard, and so on. It's MagicScore Maestro.

Step 1: Download and install the application.

Download MagicScore Maestro to a known location. Run setup and follow on-screen instruction to install the program.

Step 2: Start the program. Create a new project, or open an existing file.

Launch the notation editor. At first run, it will offer you to select some basic options:

Set your language and MIDI devices

Set your language, input and output devices (the program detects them automatically, so no action is usually required). You can test your settings using the "Test" button. Click "OK" to accept the settings and close the window.

From now on you can work with the main window. But note that there is a small "Helper" window - it will readily answer your questions and show examples of editing:

MagicScore helper

If you have already recorded your music into a MIDI file, you can open that file by using the "Open" button on the toolbar. Otherwise you can create a new file.

Create or open a new sheet music file

Step 3: Edit and print your sheet music.

Using the program, you can create your own piece from scratch. Just select notes, keys, pauses etc. from the pane in the lower part of the window, then insert them by clicking the sheet in an appropriate place. MagicScore Maestro has a built-in 'spell-checker', it won't allow you to place any note in any location, but this is not a restriction. With the editor, you can create music of any complexity.

Edit and print your sheet music

There several additional tools in the bottom part of the window. For example, you can open and play virtual piano or guitar, thus making your editing visual. Just experiment a bit to see, if you like those tools.

Finally, click "Preview" or "Print" button on the toolbar for previewing and printing your own sheet music.

With the trial version of the MagicScore Maestro you can create and print sheet music, but the program adds a logo to the output. After purchasing you will be able to unlock the program with your personal key, making it full-functional.

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