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Audio CD Rippers

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  • Fast CD Ripper 2.0 - Convert CD to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV with ID3 tags.
  • Fast CD Ripper 2.0
    Fast CD Ripper is a free tool to convert your audio CD collection to popular audio formats: MP3, WMA,OGG, and WA with CDDB and ID3Tag v2 support. High quality direct conversion with jitter correction. Intuitive interface with many adjustable options.
  • 4 stars

  • CDRipper 2.86 - Coping tracks from audio CDs to WAV, FreeDDB.
  • CDRipper 2.86
    CDRipper copies tracks from audio CDs and saves them in WAV. Handy and nice-looking interface allows you to work easy and productive. FreeDDB support, multi-language interface, possibility of copying any part of CD are some of features of CDRipper.
  • 5 stars

  • Audio CD Ripper 1.12 - Extract CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG aud
  • Audio CD Ripper 1.12
    Audio CD Ripper is professional software that can extracts digital audio from CD to MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV files. It provides two useful tools, named "Audio Track Player" and "ID3 tag editor".

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  • DeepRipper 1.1 - Powerful AudioCD Ripping Utility
  • DeepRipper 1.1
    DeepRipper is new freeware that can convert music files from AudioCDs into practically any format you'd like, including: MP3, WAV, OGG, and others. DeepRipper offers sophisticated encoding settings and comes with embedded sound quality presets.

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  • Jack the MP3 Ripper 1.02.001 - CD to MP3 ripper
  • Jack the MP3 Ripper 1.02.001
    Quickly and easily back up all your favorite CD's to MP3 Jack the MP3 Ripper is an extremely efficient ripping tool that enables the user to extract audio from a CD and export the music into either *.mp3 or *.wav format.

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Displaying: 1-5 from 5
AudioConverter Studio
I don't have anything to compare it to, but it works as advertised and does it job well
MP3 Cutter Joiner
I think it's a piece of junk, really. The interface is flashy but unintuitive. It is hard to easily set the exact times where you want to cut, and how to set these times is not obvious at all. Furthermore, the tool changes to file encoding, in my case resulting in *bigger* files for each part than the file I started with. Why isn't there an option to just keep using the same quality and file type? In fact, why isn't that default in the first place?
I want to *cut*, not transcode!
For me, this piece of software is certainly NOT worth the money.
Apollo Audio DVD Creator
This a nice looking program but it's missing a few things like the ability to detect all the burners in a system the ability to
create a different title image for each album and the ability to manually set the bitrate.