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Free MP4 to MP3 Converter 1.0

FROM: MediaPro Lab
Free MP4 to MP3 Converter will convert MP4 audio files to the popular MP3 format
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Windows 7 Compatible Free MP4 to MP3 Converter will help you convert your MP4 audio files to the popular MP3 format. If you use devices from Apple, download music and audio books from the iTunes store, or simply download MP4 files from the internet, you will find the ability of the program to convert MP4 to MP3 quite useful. Being one of the most popular audio formats, MP3 offers far better support by various software and hardware players, including such devices as mobile phones. That's why MP4 to MP3 conversion is an important step in preparing music files and audio books for various devices.

Free MP4 to MP3 Converter supports all popular codecs used with the MP4 format, including Apple Lossless. Using the program, you can convert M4B to MP3 (audio books), M4A to MP3 (typically music), 3GP to MP3, AAC to MP3. Just drag and drop your MP4 files from Windows Explorer to the program's window and click on the "Convert" button. The MP4 to MP3 converter will convert your files and save the resulting MP3s in the specified output folder.

MP4 files can contain quite important information about the song or audio book, such as title, artist (or author), genre, cover, and much more. Free MP4 to MP3 Converter will automatically copy this information to the converted MP3 files, saving the data as ID3 tags. These tags are supported by almost all devices capable of playing MP3 files. For better compatibility the MP4 to MP3 converter can save ID3 tags in Unicode or in ANSI (the latter format will be preferred by older devices).

You can convert MP4 to high-quality MP3 files by setting bitrate values up to 320 Kbit/s and frequency values up to 48 KHz. If you want to get smaller files in situations where quality is not so important (for example, when converting M4B to MP3), use smaller bitrates (as low as 32 Kbit/s is possible) and frequencies (down to 8 KHz).

Convert MP4 to MP3 or WAV with this smart, user-friendly and absolutely free audio converter!

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