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Free Lyrics Finder 1.0

FROM: MediaPro Lab
Download lyrics for your MP3, FLAC, APE, etc. files with Free Lyrics Finder!
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Windows 7 Compatible Download lyrics for your songs with Free Lyrics Finder!

MP3, FLAC, APE, and other popular formats have a special field in their tag area, where information about the song is stored. Along with title, artist, album, year, and other details, you can store lyrics inside music files (MP3 lyrics, FLAC lyrics, APE lyrics, OGG lyrics, etc.). However, if you rip Audio CDs or download songs from the internet, the resulting files come with the lyrics field empty. Of course, you can enter lyrics manually, using a simple tag editor, or even find it on the internet and copy the text into the lyrics field. This method is acceptable if only a couple of files are to be tagged, but with a hundred of songs it will soon become boring.

Free Lyrics Finder is an absolutely free program that will automatically go through the list of selected songs and download lyrics for each music file without any assistance from the user. It supports all popular formats, including MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, MP4, OGG, and others. For every format, the correct lyrics frame is used, which makes the resulting files compatible with all players that support the particular file type and can read its lyrics field.

The lyrics downloader depends on the artist and title information of the song. If no tags are available, the program can take necessary information from filenames. If filenames do not say much, too, you can use Free Music Tag Finder to tag your songs before downloading lyrics for them.

For MP3 files, the lyrics field is available in the ID3v2 version of tags. Free Lyrics Finder can save tags in Unicode or in ANSI. If your player does not work with the default encoding for some reason, just switch to the other option in the program settings.

Get lyrics for your audio files in just a few clicks with Free Lyrics Finder!

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