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Advanced Duplicates Finder 2.0

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Reliable tool for removing duplicates with various search options and filters.
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Windows 7 Compatible Advanced Duplicates Finder is a handy tool to find and remove duplicate files to free disc space, speed up indexing and reduce back up time and size. The extensive usage of digital cameras, MP3s, and video makes you take actions to reclaim disk space even though hard drives get both bigger and cheaper these days. Besides, getting rid of duplicates will help you keep your files more organized and your system run more efficiently. You do not need to compare and remove identical files manually. Advanced Duplicates Finder comes to the rescue. This powerful tool can search, identify and delete duplicate automatically without removing wrong files.

The application is quite simple, and you just need to follow the step by step process. First of all, the helpful wizard will prompt you to specify search criteria: complete duplicates (files with identical content), similar images, audio files with similar tags, files with similar names and size, empty files. In the additional 'Filter' window you can configure it to search for a certain file name, set a minimum size of the files to be scanned, specify the date when files were created, etc. The clone remover allows scanning not only your hard drive but also network drives and archives.

After scanning and analyzing the contents of the folders the duplicate remover will show you all the originals and duplicates detected. You can remove all the identified copies immediately or save the search results in a separate MRS file to do clean up later. You have also an opportunity to sort files by size and select only the largest files for removal if you need to free up disk space urgently. You can also customize settings of automatic selection and automatically select all files from a specified folder or of a desired file extension etc. Another option is to move the detected files to an isolated folder with a chance to restore them to the original location if you still need them.

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I find this software invaluable. In my trial period, I found it to be reliable about picking duplicates, and loved the additional options it allows when choosing how to select the duplicates to keep as well as when removing them.

You won't go wrong with this Advanced Duplicates.
Marian Pena

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