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Blaze Audio Overdub! 1.0

FROM: Blaze Audio

Record Voiceovers or overdub tracks quickly and easily!
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Welcome to Overdub!, the program that makes recording voiceovers or overdubs easy even if you aren't an audio engineer. You don't need a complex multitrack editor. You can create your own movie soundtracks, advertisements, and special effects for your PowerPoint presentations, and multi track compositions in no time without the expense or the hassle of multi-track editors. Record Voiceovers or overdub tracks quickly and easily! Mix and record sounds with complete control over final mix. Set your punch in and punch out markers to record exactly where you want. You can set the exact volumes for each track so you get just the balance you want. You can also burn your own custom creations on CD's using RipEditBurn to be able to send to friends and family. The possibilities are endless! Overdub is fully integrated with RipEditBurn and comes with lifetime FREE product upgrades!. Even if you have never created your own mixes you will be recording, editing and remixing; churning out custom mixes in no time! Overdub! is a multi-track recorder and sound editor for home studio recording that makes digital audio production a breeze! Overdubbing has never been easier!

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