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DJ ToneXpress 3.0

FROM: DJ Tone, Inc.
Create unlimited customized ringtones using your MP3, WMA and Audio CD music file collecti
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Size: 2000 KB
DJ ToneXpress is an easy to use application that lets you make unlimited customized real music ringtones from MP3, WMA, AAC/MP4, WAV, OGG files & Audio CDs. The 3 step Ringtone Creation Wizard guides you through music selection, ringtone editing and upload to phone. You can view the music sound wave graphically and use the zoom feature to achieve optimal start and stop points. Easy, Simple & Quick: the whole process requires only a few clicks from music selection to your ready to use ringtone.

The ringtone can be transmitted over the air to your phone or downloaded to your computer. There are NO subscriptions or hidden fees. DJ ToneXpress works in more than 50 countries & works with most mobile phones (e.g. Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, LG, NEC, Sharp) that support real music ringtones & have Internet service through its carrier. Testing of phone compatibility available prior to buying license, plus attentive Customer Support is available.

It's just what I wanted. I love to change my ringtones all the time and this software does exactly what I need.
easy to use, but by using only the trial version you have to pay $1.99 to download the ringtone you just created.
This software is great.
It does exactly what it sais it does and at a very low price.
I love it
I would recomend it to anyone.
I'm glad that I finally found an affordable software that I can use to make unlimited ringtones for just 10$ without having to pay
all the time for every ringtone.
And the greatest part is that I get to have ringtones from my own music files, not just what I can find on the Internet.
It allowed me to make the exact ringtone I wanted from the AAC and MP3 files on my computer as well as ripping songs from my old
CD collection.
I also like the fact that it is not only unlimited but that it is not locked to one mobile phone number.
Very cool. I recommend it.
Great application and very easy to use. It was cheaper than other options listed and does exactly what i want... make ringtones
from my music files on my computer.
Very cool feature that sends the download address to your phone via txt message.
Try it.
Verry nice indeed. works with my phone... so it's good :)
Very easy to use and now i can make all the ringtones i want and very pay for them again. Recommended.
Easy to use. Fast. and lots of fun personazing your phone ringers
Love the fact that I can make unlimited ringtones with such ease.
Super easy to make ringtones and cool other plug-ins that are included for free.
They also have pre-made ringtones in one of the plug-ins and an application that allows me to create a custome picture for my cell phone too.
Best price I have seen, too.
el greco

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DJ ToneXpress 3.0 - Create unlimited customized ringtones using your MP3, WMA and Audio CD music file collecti
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