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Able MIDI Editor is designed for those who feel like a composer or just find pleasure in manipulating music and seek new ways for self-expression. The easy-to-use interface looking like a piano roll allows composing melodies, ringtones and even complete arrangements with comfort and ease. This software provides all basic note editing functions like adding/deleting musical notes, adjusting the pitch and duration of notes and playing back the results. Able MIDI Editor includes a number of tools that streamline the editing process. It is possible to combine and edit notes as a group. You can select notes to be edited with the cursor and apply new attributes to them. Or you can select all notes lying within the defined time or frequency range by choosing a section of the Time-Ruler or of the piano keyboard and edit them as one. The developer of the software, Widisoft Company, attracts our attention to the unique feature of the program that most midi editors lack the ability of precise bar-line arrangement. This feature is especially helpful if you are planning to print the score created with the MIDI keyboard.

The software is compatible with Windows and is available as a free trial version. The full version can be ordered online at a fair price of $24.89.

Able MIDI Editor review