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KaraWin Std

FROM: Jean-Pierre Cocatrix
KaraWin is a karaoke multimedia player with a lyrics editor and a tag editor.
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Windows 7 Compatible KaraWin is a multimedia player for karaoke lovers. It supports KAR, MID, MIDI, RMI, MID+TXK MP3, MP3+KOK, MP3+LRC, WMA, WAV, OGG DAT, AVI, MPG, VOB file formats.

The main window of the karaoke player provides a number of different panels. In the Folders panel, you can scan your hard drives to find all songs and videos and add them to Juke Box. The main purpose of the Juke Box and Catalog panel is to create and manage song lists with additional information. The build-in tag editor allows editing or adding title, artist, album and other information about the file. The tools panel provides a number of useful tools, including voice recorder, windows mixer, MIDI Player. The history panel allows seeing all the songs played during the session and saving the list of played songs for future reference. In the Lyrics window, lyrics are displayed, synchronized with the music. Right-clicking with the mouse will open a menu with a lot of options to adjust the displayed lyrics, add pictures, and other.

The integrated karaoke lyrics editor allows you to modify the text information in MID or KAR file. You can display a succession of images under the words with the diaporama function. This editor is not developed to create KAR files, but is able to correct some textual mistakes, insert or delete textual events. KaraWin can also be configured to display different images. Specify one image when no song is being played and a number of images for the time when a song is being played, as well as images for directories where your songs are saved. The program supports presets which can be created or loaded from the internet.

Additional features:
- supports OGG, WMA, WAV, MOD S3M, OGG+G, WMA+G
- records karaoke in WAV, OGG
- supports tags for ID3V1, ID3V2, OGG, WMA,
- real time music effect for MP3, OGG, WMA, CDA, MOD (tempo, pitch equalizer, voice removal, echo)
- adjustable cross fading, pictobar (little bar to follow the lyrics).

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