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SFX Machine RT for Windows 1.0.8

FROM: The Sound Guy, Inc.
SFX Machine RT is an audio multi-effect plug-in for Audio Unit & VST hosts.
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Size: 1100 KB
Windows 7 Compatible SFX Machine RT is an audio effects software with real time-processing available in the VST format for Windows. A VST 2 format host program is required to use the plug-in. The most popular areas to use the audio effects plug-in include radio production, TV shows, feature films, CDs and video games. It will be appreciated by any sound designer or composer as well as a fan of audio utilities with extended features.

SFX Machine RT provides about three hundred of presets, from usual sound effects such as delay and vibrato to more unconventional (Freeze Pan and Sitar Drone), to totally unique (UFO Descending or Theremin emulator). To respond differently to the input signal, a lot of presets have a pitch tracker or envelope follower. The audio plug-in is capable of automated preset modification with the simple 'MIDI Learn' system. To check the capabilities of the preset, you can use the Randomize button.

SFX Machine RT uses a powerful and complex modular synthesis engine. But the user interface remains simple and intuitive, allowing users to choose and modify presets easily. The main window of the audio plug-in contains a list of presets organized into 21 categories on the left, and slider controls to customize the parameters of the active preset on the right. The user can see the descriptions of the sliders and the preset at the bottom. The parameters (up to six) of each effect can be adjusted with the onscreen sliders or by entering the desired Min and Max values. You can save your changes to settings of the used plug-ins in the standard AU/VST preset file format or together with a song or project file.

SFX Machine RT provides full MIDI parameter control for automated preset modification, using a simple MIDI Learn system. Any number of sliders can be automated simultaneously.

Try the SFX Machine RT Simulator online to check the functionality of the plug-in without having to download and install a demo.

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