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Melody Assistant 7.6.3i

FROM: Myriad Software
Powerful score editor with audio recording/playback capabilities.
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Size: 9765 KB
Windows 7 Compatible Melody Assistant is a powerful score editor with digital audio capabilities.
The list of features in this program is so large that it cannot be enumerated here. Let's quote some of them anyway :
- Complete score editor, with unlimited number of staves
- Tablature calculation for miscellaneous string instruments
- Embedded softsynth : does not need any hardware other than a sound card.
- Digital Fx processors
- Midi, Kar, MOD, S3M... import
- Digital tracks (possible to import WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG...)
- Export in miscellaneous digital file formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG...)

But also :
- Gregorian notation
- Lute tablatures
- Chord diagram library for various instruments
- Enables to build custom instruments from digital recordings
- Used concurrently with Virtual Singer (available separately), Karaoke and multi-voices lyrics are actually sung.
- A freeware plug-in (Myriad plug-in) will enable visitors of your Web site to view, transpose, play or print your scores
- Several hours of free video tutorials will make your first steps easier.
... and much more.
Just give it a try...

Very nice features, good scoring user friendly and much more delicate music software of all time
nice job
Great program, good for exporting to different formats.

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