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CD Wave Editor 1.98

FROM: MiLo Software
Transfer your favorite tape or LP to WAV/MP3 to save on the hard disk or burn.
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CD Wave Editor is a tool to record WAV files and split large WAV recordings into a number of smaller tracks using digital audio extraction. You need to follow five simple steps to transfer you favorite music album from LP, tape or other sources to CDR or save to the hard disk.

First of all you need to set up your audio equipment (tape desk, pick-up, etc.) and connect it to the computer's sound card. Then adjust volume and other settings (voice activated start, silence level, stop recording after the specified number of minutes and others) for your recording to achieve audio digitizing of the best quality. Now is everything ready to transfer your invaluable vinyl album or tape to the hard disk. Just hit the "recording" button and record LP to your computer.

The next step is to split the recording into tracks or songs using the auto-split function or manually by adding or deleting split points. You can also cut out silent parts or songs you do not need. The wave editor provides a built-in audio player and a VU meter, which will help you to identify cut points. The program color-codes the parts you've marked and allows you saving only the fragments that you need. If you don't want to save your files in the WAV format, CD Wave Editor will compress them for you to lossless FLAC or APE, or convert them to lossy VORBIS OGG or MP3 which can be played on most of the portable devices or uploaded to the web. The tracks you have now saved on your hard drive are ready to be burned with any appropriate CDR mastering.

You can use CD Wave as a basic audio recorder and editor to record and play back audio, and cut out segments to be saved. It can also be used as a CUE sheet editor for CDRWin.

CD Wave can read from WAV, FLAC and APE files, CD audio and digital or analog inputs through a soundcard. It supports all uncompressed audio formats up to 24-bit, at any sample rate and any number of channels (mono, stereo, quad, dolby 5.1). Try this smart sound recorder now!

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Great program for recording wav files from LPs and splitting tracks. Takes some effort to learn to do the job satisfactorily, but it's worth the effort. I first usedthis years ago, and at that time I felt it was easier to determine the optimum settings to get good results. Perhaps the earlier version had better help resources.

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CD Wave Editor 1.98 - Transfer your favorite tape or LP to WAV/MP3 to save on the hard disk or burn.