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g0 Shoutcast recorder 1.5

FROM: GroundZero Security
Use the stream recorder to record legally your favorite songs from web radio.
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Size: 352 KB
Stream Recorder is a shoutcast recorder software developed by GroundZero Security. Shoutcast is an internet radio service that offers thousands of free MP3 and AAC radio stations and allows you freely to listen to your favorite music. The simple and single purpose tool will record your favorite music from those online broadcasting radio stations to MP3 files. You can listen to these MP3 recordings anytime and anywhere. And it is absolutely legal to record for your personal use in this way!

The stream ripper program is very easy-to-use. You just need to select one of the 500 available servers or add a new server of your choice and connect to it. If you want to record a particular composition, press the 'Record' button, and the stream will be saved to an MP3 file on your computer. The tools have an option to play back the recording and adjust its volume.

You can download a free demo version to see if this tool is what you need for stream recording. Do not forget to check law regulations in your country, as in some countries any kind of recording counts as illegal. The recordings by this audio recorder are only for you to listen to and not allowed to be offered for download by others.

Check this smart and easy to use stream recorder now!

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this program rocks !
and the interface is really cool !
wow this software is great !
now i can record all my radio streams to mp3 and cut out my favorite songs.
really nice one

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