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MP3 Sound Stream 1.26

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Add high quality streaming audio to you webpage with MP3 Sound Stream.
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MP3 Sound Stream is a streaming audio software that will allow you to set up MP3 streaming sound on your website. Experience shows that an audio stream can increase sales and signups to the products and services as people will click on the audio buttons and will spend more time on your page. In the past this technology was too expensive and complicated. This compact tool makes it easy and affordable to add streaming audio to your website with no programming knowledge required. MP3 Sound Stream makes 56K streaming audio from MP3 or WAV files. It uses LAME compression and resource bits to produce such high quality output.

The simple interface allows you to create a web page and Flash animations that stream your audio in four easy steps. 1. Choose or create your own MP3 or WAV file. 2. Decide if you want audio buttons (controllers). The tool offers about 100 controllers of different colors and shapes which you can find in the 'Options' under the 'Controller tab'. This allows for a personalized look for your website. You can also give controllers instructions to play your audio initially or loop, etc. 3. Copy and paste text into your web page. 4. Click 'Go'! The output from MP3 Sound Stream uses Flash4. It creates three files: a HTM file, a streaming animation file, a controller file. The web pages produced are very simple, just containing the text output that you've entered and a Flash object, but these pages can be changed in many ways as long as the Flash object is kept within them.

Simply select the area of your web page where you want the audio button to be and copy and paste the output code into that space. MP3 Sound Stream can stream music of any genre, broadcast clips, lectures and recordings from seminars, poetry, sermons, political messages, marketing pitches, sound clips in PowerPoint, eBooks, audio cards for special occasions, audio newsletters, any instructions, and much more to provide your visitors with an entertaining web experience.

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MP3 Sound Stream 1.26 - Add high quality streaming audio to you webpage with MP3 Sound Stream.