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Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2019

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Spectrum Analyzer pro Live for professional sound analysis. VST Plug-in support.
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Windows 7 Compatible Spectrum Analyzer pro Live is a digital tool which will easily substitute hardware spectrum analyzer, as any computer can display analyzer measurements much better, allows to store your personal settings and analyze pre-recorded audio data. Supports VST plug-ins.

To make the software application as flexible as possible it was equipped with a test tone oscillator, which signal is feeding the outputs. As there is more than a 1 khz sine wave in the oscillator, it's actually giving various waveforms and noise. In Compare Mode, the output of the soundcard is being checked against what's coming in at the card's input sockets, allowing you to evaluate the quality of any given signal chain.

The Analyzer is constantly scanning the input signal. It is designed to show – in real time – the signal's frequency and amplitude according to your sound card's sampling rate. The main window, besides containing the VU-meters and the spectrum-display, gives access to seven modes. The Wave Player allows you to load a pre-recorded MP3/WAV files and run an analysis of the data. The EQ suggestion provides equalizer settings on a 1/3 octave equalizer that will optimize the sound under "ideal studio conditions". It provides settings for the Equalizer faders to make the Sound (Input) linear. Sound Check offers the ability to make sample measurements of the frequency response of a performance area, without actually having the artists present. The built-in generator allows the correct calibration between Analyzer and the line-in signal. Tap Delay calculator shows full, half and quarter Beats. In the Comparison mode, the tool can display the input and output simultaneously.

The PAS Analyzer can be used for the following purposes:
- detecting and eliminating room modes
- checking the stereo bus signal in mixdown
- single track examination
- serving as a mobile measuring instrument
- test tone oscillator for tape machine alignment
- measuring gain or attenuation using Compare Mode…

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Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2019 - Spectrum Analyzer pro Live for professional sound analysis. VST Plug-in support.