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  • AV Movie Morpher 2.0.29 - Play, morph & convert video files; dub movies
  • AV Movie Morpher 2.0.29
    AV Movie Morpher can help dub movies, play & morph audio - video streams in real-time, add effects to movies, convert video files to AVI & WMV, edit subtitles, capture images, record DVD audio, burn or erase VCD, and help design DVD/CD Covers
  • 5 stars

  • Video Pilot 1.21 - Correct colors of your video
  • Video Pilot 1.21
    Video Pilot allows you to correct colors of your video. The software is easily mastered, and includes built-in color correction examples. After you install Video Pilot, just run an example from the Examples menu.
  • 5 stars

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very good
MP3 Cutter Joiner
crap, unable to simply cut without needing to convert whole file.
SAM Broadcaster
If 5 means Good, then that is my Vote, this is by Far the best Tool I have looked at for Internet Brodcasting. I
am a dj for AWVR Radio a Private radio station for Activeworlds, we currently use Shoutcastr DSP and Winamp, but this by
far beats that hands down. Wishes I had the funds to get it, otherwise will have to stay with winamp, but this could only
improve the AWVR Radio Listeners enjoyment. We are given by our setup and licensing as a donation to
our station. They support our hardware we do the rest, and bring AWVR into the living rooms of all the users in
Activeworlds. OneSummer, Nightraven, Lazysuzuy, RainBeau and myself all would be over joyed to be using this program.