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HyperCam 3.5.1210.30

FROM: Solveig Multimedia
Performs screen capture, saves it as AVI/WMV/ASF, trims and joins the recording.
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Size: 15154 KB
Windows 7 Compatible HyperCam is an advanced tool to capture screen activity or record any video and sound output from your system bundled with a multimedia editor to trim and join recordings. It captures the actions from a Microsoft Windows screen and allows to save them to an AVI, WMV or ASF movie file. The software can be used for creating software presentations, video tutorials, demonstrations, walkthroughs, or recording games, movies, etc.

Before recording, you need to define the screen area that you want to record and adjust video and audio settings. The screen capture tool possesses a stylish intuitive user interface which offers you three options for the initial area to be recorded: region to select your capture area graphically from the screen, full screen to choose the overall screen region or window to select a preferred window.

HyperCam allows you to annotate your recordings with pop-up text boxes while recording using the Screen Notes feature. Pan Lock is another useful feature for making video tutorials that causes the defined screen area to move along with the movement of your cursor. The tool offers four pre-defined hot keys (to start, pause, stop recording, and to snap single frames) for convenient recording, which can be modified by the user. HyperCam cannot perform playback of the recorded file itself, but can use the default player installed on your system to do it.

HyperCam Media Editor is a powerful AVI and WMV/ASF video splitting and joining tool. You can split your video file into parts without any quality loss or join multiple audio/video fragments together. All files must have the same parameters for the joining to be successful.
New features:
- recording to audio files in the WAV/WMA/MP3 format
- uploading to YouTube
- HypeCam 3.3 portable version
- displaying the duration of your recorded file
- frame accurate editing of WMV files Media editor.

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