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How to convert MIDI to sheet music?


If you play some musical instrument (especially if you are in the process of learning), sheet music is quite important for you. It offers a simple way of reproducing music created by other people in all its complexity. Professionals can easily play complex pieces at sight, beginners will need to get acquainted with the score first.

You may be eager to learn how to play a certain piece, but in most cases you'll need its score to get it right. However, sheet music is almost always expensive, and some pieces are pretty difficult to find. Besides, you may need just one piece, not the whole collection offered by your bookshop.

This is where you can try searching the internet. While sheet music itself is still difficult to find, there is another solution. You can take MIDI files (available on the Internet for free in great numbers) and convert them to sheet music with a program like Notation Musician.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Notation Musician to a known location. Run the downloaded setup package and follow on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Start the program. Convert MIDI to sheet music.

Launch Notation Musician. A welcome window will be shown:

Open MIDI file

The program can help you searching the internet for MIDI files, but for now we suppose that the required MIDI file is already there. So,  click "Open a MIDI or Notation File on My Computer".

This opens quite a usual "Open file" dialog:

Find and open your MIDI

Browse to the folder where you store your MIDI files, select the one you want to convert to sheet music, click "Open".

The file will be converted immediately:

MIDI converted to sheet music

Now you have the score that can be easily printed. Just select "File" - "Print" and turn your printer on (if necessary):

Print sheet music

In this way you can make quality sheet music without buying expensive albums.

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