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How to get quick updates on movies by director?


If you are a real movie fan, you most likely have your list of favorite directors and screenplay writers. Sure you are getting information on their new and upcoming releases from somewhere. But is it consistent enough? Consistent and well-organized to the extent that you know exactly what to watch according to your tastes when you open up your laptop on a quiet evening.

Movienizer is here to help you keep all the movies by your favorite directors in one place and find them with ease, Below is a quick step-by-step instruction.

Step 1: Download and launch the program

Download Movienizer, launch the installation wizard and follow the instructions. There is also a one-click installation mode.

Step 2: Add your favorite directors to the database

There are a couple of ways to add your favorite movie personalities to a Movienizer database.

A. From your movie collection

If you have an extensive collection on your PC, drag the video files into the program window. Once the movie is added, you will need to download information on it from an online database, like IMDB or many others, choose from the list after pressing on the 'Download' button on top.

Add movie from PC

Once the full information on the movie is downloaded Movienizer will launch an extra window, where you can customize the movie info that will be displayed. Once confirmed, you can also edit it by clicking on the 'Edit info' button on top.

Create edit info

Once all the movie information is in the database, you can add director info by simply clicking on the 'Download' button on the toolbar on top.

Add director info pc

Once the information is loaded, you can confirm or edit it in a separate window that will appear.

Add director info pc extra window

B. From the web

Movienizer works with a range of online databases, and to download the information, click on the 'Add person' button on the toolbar on top and type in the name, names or simply copy a list of people you are interested in in an extra window.

Add from menu

If there are several people with similar names, the program will allow you to choose the right person for each case.

Add from web extra window

Step 3: Find the upcoming movies you would like to follow

Once you have confirmed the information, the person you added will be displayed in the 'Persons' tab in the menu on the left. A click on the info tab will load the information page in the main window. Movies will be shown in chronological order in the 'Movies' hyperlink under the general information bookmarks.

Director display

Once you found the future movie, you are interested in you can upload more information on it. If it's a long-awaited release or it's coming to the theaters really soon, you would be able to make its page more interesting. To add info, click on the 'Download' button on top, that you have already used before.

Upcoming movie no info

Movienizer will show you the download results in a separate window, where you can customize or edit them.

Create edit info

Step 4: Add the priority watch tags

A right click on the movie info in the menu on the left will allow you to add this movie to a 'Favorite movie' list that you can open up any time at your convenience. Follow these steps in the tab that opens: 'Set custom field > My > List > Favorite movie'.

Set priority watch

In order to load the favorites, go to the 'Quick filter' tab on the toolbar on top and select 'My list > Favorite movie'.

Find priority watch

The 'Favorite movie' list will be displayed in the menu on the left.

Menu on the left priority watch

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