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Audio To MIDI VST (PC) 1.10

Real-time AUDIO to MIDI conversion with adjustable recognition parameters.
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WIDI Audio To MIDI VST is a plugin which recognizes polyphonic audio tracks into MIDI data in real-time automatically. It is not a stand-alone application but a special software module to use with most of the popular VST-compatible software, such as Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, and Plogue Bidule. The plugin allows to transcribe polyphonic music from variety of audio formats (WAVE, MP3, AIFF and others).

The plugin has an easy-to-use and pleasant to look at interface in blue color with sliders shaped as butterflies. In the main window, you are offered to set up general MIDI recognition settings (polyphony to control the number of voices in the output MIDI file, sensitivity to set a volume threshold and velocity). The plugin performs real-time music recognition after receiving input from an audio channel. Streaming spectrogram is displayed in the spectrum window (on the right side of the plugin) in real-time with the recognized notes above it. Recognized chord names can be found at the top of the spectrogram window. The chord indication can be delayed using a slider on the option page. This can be useful if your host sends audio events to the VST plugin in a big advance. You can estimate recognition accuracy with the help of the spectrogram and decide whether you need to change any recognition parameters. The audio to MIDI plugin allows to adjust MIDI output parameters, set chord indication, routing, and other to improve recognition quality. The built-in equalizer allows to decrease or enhance selected pitch ranges or even particular notes.

Key features:
- converts audio recording into a MIDI stream for editing
- detects chords in real-time
- WAVE-to-MIDI transcription while playing a musical instrument
- adds MIDI-driven effects as you play a music instrument
- adjustable recognition parameters for better results with various types of music
- built-in MIDI recorder.
- MIDI Output to the VST Host, System MIDI Device or MIDI File.

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