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WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.5

Turn a musical recording into its musical notation and save it to a MIDI file.
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WIDI Recognition System Standard is a music recognition program. The software uses a sophisticated algorithm, allowing to convert polyphonic digitized music like MP3 to MIDI with a decent amount of accuracy. The audio to MIDI transcriber supports uncompressed WAVE, MP3 files and CD-tracks as input data, but can also perform real-time recognition of the sound coming directly from a microphone without recording it into a file. The software contains a number of useful tools, such as wave recorder, waveform display, real time module, etc.

The MP3 to MIDI converter will turn a musical recording into its musical notation and save it to a MIDI file in just a few steps. After loading a pre-recorded file or recording with the integrated wave recorder, you have an option to transcribe the whole file or only some part of it. Then select an available recognition preset or create and save a unique one to optimize the conversion results. Drum tracks can be transcribed as well. When the recognition is complete, listen to it in the built-in player and adjust MIDI recognition settings (recognition algorithm and its characteristics) and equalizer to achieve better results. This recognition of pre-recorded music gives better results than the real-time mode, as the recognition parameters can be adjusted as many times as necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

WIDI Standard only allows to transpose MIDI files and replace the musical instrument you are using with another one, as it does not contain any editor to correct the results of the automatic recognition available in the Professional edition.

You can use this audio to MIDI converter to receive a MIDI file for further editing in a MIDI editor and even printing out its music notation, use the musical notation to perform with a musical instrument, create a ringtone for your mobile phone, upload a melody to your web page as a MIDI file to speed up the loading time, make a preview of your MP3 collection, and much more.

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