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Internet TV & Radio Player 5.5.2

Enjoy 2000 TV channels & 4500 online radio stations on your PC without TV card!
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Windows 7 Compatible Internet TV & Radio Player is a user-friendly application for TV and radio fans to watch internet TV channels and listen to radio stations from all over the web. You do not need an expensive TV card as all channels and stations will be streamed through your internet connection. You can watch more than 2000 free Internet TV channels and listen to 4500 online radio stations from 100 different countries in 100 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and others) on your computer.

The user interface of the internet TV player is simple and intuitive: on the left side of the screen, a channel can be selected according to its country of origin, and on the right size it can be viewed in a media player. You can pause or stop the streaming, as well as adjust the volume, fit video to player and switch to the full screen mode, hide the channel list. The application allows to filter channels according to dozens of categories including news, movies, sports, educational, etc. and save the mostly watched channels under your favorites. Furthermore, you can enter the URL to a media file on the Internet that you want to play on your computer. It is possible to backup and restore favorites. You can also search for a particular TV channel or radio station, and view its name, type, website, and country. The tool has a number of trendy skins to choose from and its interface preferences can be configured (e.g. automatically check for new channels from the server, always keep the window on top).

The only requirements of the software are that you need to have RealPlayer and Microsoft Media Player installed in order to make it work. These two additional applications are mandatory as Internet TV and Radio Player uses their codecs.

If you are interested in internet TV and radio for learning foreign languages and cultures, entertainment, news or more, this tool is a good choice for you.

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Internet TV & Radio Player 5.5.2 - Enjoy 2000 TV channels & 4500 online radio stations on your PC without TV card!