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SAM Broadcaster 4.9.6

FROM: Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC
SAM Broadcaster is an online radio broadcasting software with all you need.
Our rating: 5 starsAwarded
Size: 23111 KB
Windows 7 Compatible

Did you ever wanted to start your own online radio? With SAM Broadcaster it is easy to accomplish.

The program is a professional DJ solution with numerous features that include all you can possibly need for internet radio station. It is constantly developed and improved for more than nine years now, so it can satisfy practically all usual needs of online broadcasters. SAM Broadcaster supports MP3, OGG, Windows Media 9, and mp3PRO streaming. All most important streaming servers are supported, including Shoutcast, Live365, Windows Media, IceCast v1 and v2, P2P Streamer. The program allows to stream title. Real-time listeners statistics is available, which can be also represented in graphics. Playlist is database driven, with advanced rotation logic. Smart crossfading between tracks is possible. The program is also able to remove gaps between tracks. Built-in audio processors enhance quality of the output sound. Advanced multi-channel audio pipe allows SAM Broadcaster to do its job even without a soundcard.

The program includes countless other features as well, which make it an easy-to-use multifunctional product.

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SAM3 is pricey, but well worth the money for anyone serious about operating an internet radio station. Features are excellent, and the quality of the output audio is fantastic.
ok i want 2 try it out finding about this thing mixing me up
Good Radioprogramming program, with excelent support for live-support and AUTO-DJ. I love it!
it's very good
serigio soto
If 5 means Good, then that is my Vote, this is by Far the best Tool I have looked at for Internet Brodcasting. I
am a dj for AWVR Radio a Private radio station for Activeworlds, we currently use Shoutcastr DSP and Winamp, but this by
far beats that hands down. Wishes I had the funds to get it, otherwise will have to stay with winamp, but this could only
improve the AWVR Radio Listeners enjoyment. We are given by our setup and licensing as a donation to
our station. They support our hardware we do the rest, and bring AWVR into the living rooms of all the users in
Activeworlds. OneSummer, Nightraven, Lazysuzuy, RainBeau and myself all would be over joyed to be using this program.
The best Internet automation radio software i ever had! I can only suggest it!
Very very good! :-)
Very Nice... Very Very nice
Not only is the sound quality excellent for my listeners, this is by far the simplest program I have dealt with to date. If you can afford this
BUY it...If you can't save up for it because it is by far the absolute best investment I have made.
LiLu Flanagan
It's great but the problem is, it is too expensive

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SAM Broadcaster 4.9.6 - SAM Broadcaster is an online radio broadcasting software with all you need.
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