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Chord Pickout 3.0

FROM: Luxand Development
Scans the song file in MP3,CDA,WMA,OGG,ACC,WAV and delivers a list of chords.
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Windows 7 Compatible Chord Pickout is a tool which can automatically transcribe music and write down the recognized chords. If you do not have the chords for your favorite song, Chord Pickout will help you to convert song into chords quickly and accurately. You just need to open your music file in one of the supported file formats, such as MP3, CDA, WMA, MPEG4, OGG, ACC, and WAV. After analyzing the song the tool will retrieve approximate chords for your music with the option to type in lyrics and transpose up to 12 levels. Chord Pickout can produce chords for guitar, piano, and some other musical instruments. Guitar players can get fingering added to the scores.

Chord Pickout can be used together with a musical instrument to improve its performance. It will act as a guide for beginning musicians with some experience of playing a musical instrument and a basic understanding of chord progression. If the recognized score contains chords not present in the song, they can be edited. To detect wrong chords you should start playing the song in the program and play the recognized chords on your instrument. The chords that will not match the tune can be corrected by clicking and retyping. Use the delete and backspace keys to remove all chords that you do not need and insert new ones. You can use the spacebar to adjust chords by sound moments and the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons on your keyboard to move between lines with chords. After making necessary adjustments you can print the score and lyrics.

You can save the musical notation in the CPT file format (Chord Pickout Transcription File) and use Chord Pickout for practicing the song with the newly recognized score. Just open the file containing your score, and Chord Pickout will start playing it. You can view the song structure and play the chords that are shown on the screen. Set a larger font for easier reading of the song lyrics, if necessary.

Download this smart tool and get chords for the popular songs of your choice!

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Chord Pickout 3.0 - Scans the song file in MP3,CDA,WMA,OGG,ACC,WAV and delivers a list of chords.
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