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VolumeLock 1.8

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Control and lock volume/balance settings on your computer with customized rules.
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VolumeLock is a simple utility that makes sure that the volume level of your computer will not be changed without your permission. It allows to create your own rules for all volume controls and stops other applications from modifying your volume settings.

VolumeLock contains a powerful lock function which allows to control volume, balance and mute/select audio lines in real-time. You can set up rules for as many controls as you need by setting the desired value (from 0 to 100) in the corresponding edit box and selecting a condition from the rule dropdown combo box. To lock the control, click on the lock image.

To be able to set up rules with just one click, you can create volume presets for frequently used rule settings. Define and save customized presets for different situations like games, music, evening, and so on. The integrated scheduler will apply presets at the specified time automatically.

Main features:
- control volume, balance and mute with customized rules
- operate unlimited number of controls simultaneously
- user-defined presets for quick rules setup
- password protection to prevent unauthorized access
- system-wide hot keys for volume presets
- displays lock status in the tray icon
- works with multiple sound cards at the same time
- built-in scheduler
- command-line support for use in a batch file or script
- automatic loading of the program at the system start-up.

Replace the standard volume control of Windows with this smart utility, and you will be reluctant to revert to the standard volume mixer! Download the free trial version now!

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