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MP3Resizer 2.2.1

FROM: Skyshape Software
Reduce the size of your MP3s to fit more files onto your mobile device.
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Windows 7 Compatible MP3Resizer is a compact tool to reduce the size of MP3 files without compromising their quality. The smart tool will be of great service to those music fans who like listen to their favorite songs on portable devices (mobile phones, MP3 players, Pocket PCs, etc.) with limited memory capacity. By compressing 256kbit MP3 file to 80kbit you can get output file three times smaller than the original file. This means three times more music on your device. As reduction in size is achieved by recompressing the file with a lower bitrate, some degradation in audio quality is possible. This application uses LAME, a high quality MP3 codec.

The MP3 resizer software is easy-to-use and will do what it promises in a few simple steps. First you add MP3 tracks by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method. Batch processing is also supported. In the file list window, you can view the source and output path and size, as well as ratio for each file. Now you can select your preferred bitrate from the dropdown menu, set the output destination, and press the 'Resize' button. A minimum bitrate of 64kbit is recommended for playback on mobile phones. During the recompression, you can view a progress bar for the files, as well as the elapsed and remaining time. In addition, you can pre-listen the source and output file, change the interface language and configure program settings (include subdirectories, remove source files from the file list after conversion, set the preview length, change colors for the old and new size meter, other). After the MP3 conversion is complete, you'll get resized MP3 files with the same name as the originals but a '.lite.mp3' extension.

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