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NowSmart Studio presents a new version of the popular sound recorder and playback program Audio Record Wizard. The program allows recording any sound played by your sound card. You can connect a microphone and record a voice message or use a line in feed from your stereo system to create a recording. It is possible to record the sound directly to an mp3 file provided you have a powerful system and do not run programs that consume many resources at the same time. Otherwise, you'll have to content yourself with creating a wav file and converting it in mp3 format later. The software is a good choice both for newbies and experienced users. A newbie will find an easy-to-use interface that makes sound recording simple and fun. An advanced user will be delighted with the extensive options the program offers. It is possible to adjust a variety of characteristics. For example, you can choose between 16-bit stereo or mono recording or use 11, 22, or 44 KHz sampling rates. You can select the bit rate from 32 k to 320k per second, thus finding the optimum ratio between the quality of the recording and the size of the file you want to get. Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding of MP3 files is also available. You can activate the option of skipping the silent portions or stopping the recording job at the specified time. On the whole, it's an efficient program that does what it claims to the perfection.

Audio Record Wizard review