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The Emperor's New Clothes

Re-Recording Protected Music Files Now Even Easier with New Tunebite User Interface and Web Site

Karlsruhe, November 9, 2005 – Rapid Solution Software today announced the latest release of Tunebite, Windows software that helps frustrated music lovers play protected music tracks without limitation on all MP3 players. The new release, offering an improved, easier-to-use user interface, 4x recording speed and digital sound quality, is available on the product's new internet site

End-Users Freed from Frustrating Limitations

Many MP3 players on today's market are incapable of playing Digital-Rights-Management (DRM) copy-protected music files. The typical music consumer doesn’t run into difficulty until after he or she has purchased music and tries to play it on his or her MP3 player. In the USA and in Europe, lawmakers have decided that copying computer files clearly marked as copy-protected is a violation of copyright law. Subsequent clarification of these decisions has resulted in a narrow, penalty-free exception to the rules: a user may re-record purchased music tracks to make private copies for personal use. Tunebite takes advantage of this legal loophole by allowing users to re-record music while it is being played, creating private, unprotected copies that can be played on any device—without risking violation of copyright laws

Simplified User Operation and 10 New or Improved Functions

  1. Automated recording of copy-protected music while it is being played on the PC
  2. High-Speed Digital Dubbing at 4x speed
  3. Digital recording supporting MP3, OGG and WMA file formats
  4. Automatic search for copy-protected music tracks on the PC
  5. Recognition and elimination of duplicate music tracks
  6. Fully automatic configuration of recording level and recording device
  7. Recording levels match the uniform volume of the entire music collection
  8. Batch operation automates the processing of large numbers of music tracks
  9. ID3 tag compatible (artist name, album name, etc. are saved with the track)
  10. During recording, other music tracks can be listened to on the PC

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading provider of music software designed to enhance the online music experience. Popular RapidSolution products include,,, and RapidSolution products can be purchased on-line and in specialty stores worldwide.

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