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Remove DRM copy protection easily! Unprotect audio and video! Convert and record everything you wish!

If you purchase music or audio books online, you are surely aware of the problem that the files will play only on certain devices. You cannot just copy such files to your portable MP3 player or some other device, even to another computer. These files usually come in M4P, M4B, M4A, WMA formats and are DRM-protected.

In order to be able to copy DRM protected audio you have to unprotect the files.

Tunebite is an ultimate solution to remove DRM copy protection. It will quickly and easily convert M4P to MP3, unprotect M4B audio books and Audible audio books, convert music purchased from the Apple iTunes store and from other similar services.

Even more than that, Tunebite will easily convert DRM-protected video files! Convert protected movies from Video-on-demand services like Amazon Unbox or Apple iTunes Rentals.

The solution #1 in removing DRM protection since 2004, Tunebite kept offering new powerful features with its every new version. Currently Tunebite Platinum is a full-featured universal converter and recorder for audio and video files. You can use it as a screen recorder and as an internet video downloader. Save YouTube videos to your computer, capture HD movies of Netflix, rip Spotify music, record Hulu TV shows. With Tunebite you can capture virtually any audio and video from the internet, including internet radio, internet videos, video-on-demand movies etc.

With Tunebite you can quickly convert any audio or video files for any devices, including Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Xbox, PS3, cell phones, other portable devices. For your convenience, pre-defined optimized profiles will help you to select the best settings for these devices in one click.

Download and try Tunebite for free!

The most important universal converter features of Tunebite Platinum:

  • Convert DRM protected audio: WMA, M4B, M4P, convert M4A, AAC, WMA Pro, MP2, OGG, FLAC, AIFF, AC3, AU, MP3.
  • Convert DRM protected videos: WMV, M4V, convert WMV7/WMV9, MP4, FLV, AVI, XVID, DIVX, 3GP, 3ivx, MPG (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2), MOV, DV, H.264.
  • Adjustable profiles.
  • Remove DRM protection of audio files at 54x speed.
  • Perfect audio quality when removing audio DRM by the means of repeated re-recordings.
  • Virtual CD Burner to re-record copy protected audio books.
  • Video DRM removal by the means of re-recording.
  • Perfect video quality at removing DRM by the means of repeated re-recordings and quality measuring.
  • Remove DRM from HD videos (720p HD) downloaded from online movie stores on a usual PC.

Universal recorder features of Tunebite Platinum:

  • Record any internet audio: internet radio, music, talk. Anything that is being played in your browser.
  • Record any internet video at the network layer. Record anything you watch with your browser.
  • Record RTMP-E videos by the means of direct screenshots.
  • Burn Audio CDs, burn MP3 CDs, burn MP3 DVDs. Burn to multiple CDs at once.
  • Create ringtones and easily transfer them to your cell phone.
  • Synchronize portable devices: cell phones, USB devices, MP3 players.
  • Built-in player to play audio and video files.
  • Built-in tag editor.
  • Music manager: flexible settings for storing and organizing your music.
  • Download tags, covers and lyrics for your music from the internet.
  • Import music from external sources.

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