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Many people find copy protection which comes with most music downloaded from internet (like iTunes) awkward and restrictive beyond any reason. Tunebite is a software tool that converts your DRM-protected music and video into free formats, like MP3, MP4, OGG etc. (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management). It works with most protected formats (WMA, M4P, AAC, M4B, AA), that includes music, video, audio books. The program can perform its task faster due to High Speed Digital Dubbing. It also has a number of nice features. For instance, Tunebite can automatically adjust volume of the current piece to the average volume of your collection. It also saves title, artist and album information into ID3 tags. You don't need to worry about your audio/video devices and levels: Tunebite configures them without any help. It is possible to save tracks in different folders, depending on artist and album.

For a complete list of features please check the homepage of the program. You'll probably find it amusing. The point is: if you need to hear the music, audio books, or watch the video you've paid for, Tunebite will make it happen.

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