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Burning mp3 files on an Audio CD (JoyceCD)

1. Launch JoyceCD. Press the button "Audio CD" in the Toolbar.

Press Audio CD button

2. Use the browser to select the required folder and pick out the mp3 files you need.

Browse for folder

3. Select the required mp3 files. Use the buttons "Add" or "Add All" in the Toolbar to add the files to the burning project in the lower part of the program window.

Select mp3 files

4. Before you start the burning process make sure that the CD you have inserted is blank. To start burning the files on your Audio CD press the button "Write CD".

Write CD

5. You will see the project's settings. Enter a name for the disk and choose the burning speed. Press the button "Write!"

Project's settings

6. The project's burning dialog opens and the burning process begins. It is possible to cancel the task by pressing the button "Cancel", but you run the risk of damaging your CD in this case!!!

Final dialog

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