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How do I create MP3 Music CD?


MP3 format for audio files has got much influence, and there are many CD players that can play MP3 files as well as usual Audio CDs. MP3 collections have an advantage: you can take six, or even ten hours of music on a single CD.

We will consider how to prepare and burn MP3 CDs using DeepBurner Pro.

Step 1: Download and install DeepBurner Pro.

Download DeepBurner Pro to a known location. After download is complete, launch setup and follow instructions.

Step 2: Launch the application and select project type.

Start DeepBurner Pro. "Select project type:" window appears, offering you a number of choices. Choose "Create data CD/DVD". Click "Next" to proceed.

Choose to create data CD

If for some reason the window doesn't show up, you can call it by clicking "New" button, or just hit "Ctrl" + "N".

Step 3: Select Multisession option.

Multisession allows you to add files to your CD later, if there is some place left. For example, a selection of your favorite music takes only 300 MBytes of usual 700. With multisession, you can burn it now, and a month later, if you get some more favorites, you can extend your collection by adding new files. However, each session takes some amount of space for itself, so in three sessions you will get much fewer files on a CD than in a single session. If you intend to fill your CD at once, it is recommended to use "No multisession" option.

Select multisession option

If you already have a multisession CD and want to add files, you should select "Append session".

Step 4: Add MP3 files.

As next, you can start adding MP3 files and folders to your project. Please note that if you add a folder, all files in the folder will be burned, even texts or other data files. Of course, your CD player will ignore them. They will do no harm, except taking some place on the CD.

Add files and folders with MP3 files to your project

If you click "Add folder" button, it will take you to a "Browse" window:

Browse to folder with MP3 files

Select a folder with MP3 files and click "OK".

You can also add single files by clicking "Add files" button.

Step 5: Add more files and folders, proceed with burning.

Depending on your media, you can add more or less. A small size CD will take only 193 Mbytes. Usual single-layer DVD can contain 4.7 Gbytes of data. For MP3, you'll probably use 700 Mbytes CDs (check CD surface for capacity information).

Add more files and folders, or click Burn Disk to continue

Click "Burn Disk" to proceed.

Step 6: Burn your project.

Content of the window changes. Here you can select the burner you prefer and adjust CD burning speed.

Insert blank CD and click Burn

Now it's time to insert a blank CD and create an MP3 music CD. Be patient, it will take some time, depending on your burner's speed.

You can play the resulting disk in any Audio CD player that supports MP3.

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