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Teentor 2.1

FROM: Soft Integrator Europe sp. z o.o.
Teentor is a feature-rich family safety system. Protect your children online!
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Windows 7 Compatible It is hardly possible to imagine our world without the internet, and it would be pointless to keep children out of it. However, there are many dangers related both to the online world and to computer use by kids. Spending too much time on a computer may have negative (and sometimes irreversible) impact on the child's health. On the internet, there are online predators, bullies, unsuitable contents, etc.

Teentor is a parental control system that helps you recognize and prevent problems before they turn into anything dangerous. With Teentor, you can protect your child in several ways:
- monitor the child's activities;
- block unwanted contents, limit computer use time, etc.

Teentor will capture all search phrases that your child enters into popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, AOL, and others). You will know, which sites your child visited and how much time spent on each of the sites, which programs he or she used and for how long, whom the child communicated with on Facebook and Skype, and what about. If your child uses an Android smartphone or tablet, the program will report on calls and SMS. Additionally, you will be able to see on a map where your child is and browse the history of his/her recent locations, using the GPS sensor data.

Furthermore, Teentor will enable safe search and block sites with unwanted contents, which includes sites with pornographic images and/or videos, sites depicting violence and gore, etc. You can easily set up basic filters by selecting your child's age, but individual categories can be blocked or allowed just as easily. Teentor can control how much time your child spends on the computer / tablet and deny access, if necessary.

Teentor can optionally log everything your child types on the keyboard (including posts on various forums and social networks, messaging, etc.) and take screenshots.

To view reports and adjust settings, simply log in to your control panel from any device or computer connected to the internet.

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Teentor 2.1 - Teentor is a feature-rich family safety system. Protect your children online!
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