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The problem with audio files is that they tend to accumulate. A thrifty music fan would copy more and more music files to his computer but would hesitate at the idea of erasing at least one of them.

If you are one of these folks, your life and time can be saved by Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro.

Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro allows you to bring order in the world of your audio files. Even if your music collection has grown to include thousands of files, the application will organize it and give you a convenient access to your music. Advanced MP3 Catalog works with all available drives: CD-ROMs, hard drives (including network drives), optical disks and other media with MP3s. The powerful search system enables you to find the required mp3 file easily and efficiently. It is possible to browse the data base for a particular MP3 file; conduct a general or advanced search; search by date or even use Boolean logic (AND, OR). The new version is equipped with the Playlist Tab that uses Drag&Drop technology and creates playlists with the mp3 files you choose. Besides, now the program supports ID Tags editing, which enables you to edit the mp3 file information (Title, Artist, Name of the Song, etc). Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro offers an impressive array of features, like report and data exporting, printing of exclusive covers for mp3 CDs, and creating of Group tabs for easy access to your music. The program has a straightforward Explorer-like interface and runs on MS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 Service Pack 5, 2000, XP, 2003.

Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro review